Friday, July 1, 2022

The 40 for 40 Race for The

Hello, friends! I am writing to introduce you to my next hairbrained charity running event, the 40 for 40 Race for The. "The what," you may ask as you read my apparent nonsense. "The whatever you want." I answer in a way that provides little immediate clarity. Please bear with me just a little and I will explain.

You may recall that at the start of the pandemic, I set up and ran the Berto 77 at Home Marathon. The event was a success. I ran my first ever marathon entirely around my block and I raised $2,400 for my local foodbank. T and the kids also chose charities, gathered pledges and ran laps. Ryu ran 15 miles over the course of the day. It was fun and we helped our community. Now I'm back with another idea.

The 40 for 40 race for The

This time, I want to include as many of you as runners as I can. This event will take place on September 10th, 2022 at locations across the country. The idea is simple, runners 40 years of age or older will run a 40 yard dash. This run will be live streamed for an audience of how ever may people are interested in seeing 40-year-olds run. The top three finishers will have pledge money donated to the charity of their choice. They will also get a nifty medal. The whole thing will be hosted online and live-streamed by our friends Greg and Doug of Brothers in Booze.

Ok, where does the money come from? 

Great question! We have posted bios for each runner, below. Fans can pledge for the runner they think will win. This pledge is a donation to charity. However, I am working on securing some sort of prize or prize drawing for those who pick the winners. More on that to come. You can pledge on the Go Fund Me page. I will post runner bios here on the post as they come in.

What do I want from you?

Another great question. I'd like you to consider running, or pledging. I'd like you to follow me on twitter (@bertoinpublic) for updates. I'd like you to "Like" the 40 for 40 race for The page on Facebook. 

If you want to run, please DM me on Twitter, or post on the 40 for 40 Facebook page!

If you have any fun corporate connections, please contact me and let's talk about sponsorships. I'd really like to have some prizes donated for the winning pledgers.

All Set?

Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions.

Runner Bios:

Check out these runners and pledge for ones you think can post the fastest 40 time.

Berto bing lifted up by two other players jumping to grab a ball during a rugby match
Name: Roberto Santiago

Age: 45

Athletic Bonafides: Played DIII rugby for many years, currently referees rugby, once ran a very slow marathon, still has the same waist size as he did in high school.

Charity: Whole Woman's Health (Texas abortion clinic moving to New Mexico)

Name: Tenysa Santiago

Age: 40

Athletic Bonafides: Distance runner with a marathon and several half-marathons to her credit, once picked up a soccer ball during a match.

Charity: The Randleman Program

Name: Kel Anders

Age: 43

Athletic Bonafides: Recently ran away from a washing machine falling down steps and successfully avoided crushing. Frequently enjoys 1-1.5 miles daily running on what they fondly refer to as “goat trails”. Former 15K runner (before birth of kids #5 & #6). Excellent birth-giving sprinting skills with most rapid birth being 37 minutes start to finish (obviously this skillset will translate to this run). Very competitive and tenacious. But, you know, in a kind way.

Name: Shawn Cochrane

Age: 55 on race day

Athletic Bonafides: Marathon Runner. Boston Qualifier. XC Coach at Canyon Middle School. USATF Certified Level 1 Track & Field Coach. Runs with the Oakland Track Club

Charity: Castro Valley Sports Foundation

Name: Shanda Taber

Age: 40

Athletic Bonafides: Since late 2019 I've been trying to become a runner. I started out only being able to run a half mile to now doing 6-mile average runs. Better at distance than speed, but can move fast if needed. I ran real quick when I was being followed by a bear in Canada. I haven't done any marathons, but I've participated in a few virtual 5Ks and did a terrain race/ mud run before the pandemic. I also walk everywhere so am very used to being physically active. Before running I didn't do a lot of sports, but in my 20s I used to go mountain biking with a group of blind and visually impaired people. We would also go hiking and rock climbing. I'm good at a challenge. 

Name: Dolly Cummings

Age: 63

Athletic Bonafides: My one and only 5k when I was in my 20s ( we don't have to mention my time, do we?).

Charity: Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center, Ruskin, Fl (

Name: Victor Aragon

Age: 47 

Athletic Bonafides: I have completed the Warrior Dash multiple times and ran over 6 Spartan Races. I have run multiple 5Ks and 10ks. I ran the Chicago Marathon 2x. I ran two St. Jude Memphis (Virtual) Half-Marathons.

Charity: St. Jude Children’s Hospital

Name: Jonathan Heisey-Grove (JHG)

Age: 50

Athletic Bonafides: Four time century ride cyclist who isn’t afraid of a little running!

Name: Joseph Fowler

Age: 46

Athletic Bonafides: Played DIII football. Coached college football. Ran some 1/2 marathons. Currently does at least 1 push up a day, if the weather is clear.

Name: Doug Zeigler

Age: 50

Athletic Bonafides: Played basketball in HS and college. Have been drinking beer for 32 years. Shows how committed I am.

Andy Kleiber

Age: 53

Athletic Bonafides: Ran a ton in 2021 - now mainly biking and Ultimate Disc