Thursday, February 26, 2004

What T.O. Do?

So, TO may be stuck in SF. It looks like his agent can’t meet a simple deadline and so TO wasn’t able to void the final three years of his deal and won’t become a free agent. Of course all this is pending a grievance being filed as I type. Until now I thought the Niners should resign TO, or at least franchise him and try to get something if he leaves. I was one of those people that thought the constant distraction he brought was offset by his production. Besides, who did SF have to replace him? Tai Streets was a disappointment last year, and though Lloyd and Battle showed promise, well, so did Streets the last few years. But now the whole situation has changed.

If we can believe reports that Mike Williams is leaving USC that puts two top “can’t miss” receivers in the draft this year (the other is Pitt’s Larry Fitzgerald). If SF can parlay Owens into a top ten pick they may be able to get one these guys. If they can get a pick and a decent CB all the better. A move like this would also free up money to resign Ahmed Plummer and franchise Julian Peterson. How about this? TO for a 2nd round pick (or low #1, Philly?) and decent corner (Lito Sheppard, Bobby Taylor?), then trade a two and a one to move up and take Williams or Fitzgerald. Or how about a less realistic trade, TO for Phillip Buchanan and 2nd round pick?

49er fans can only hope that SF does something good with this gift. They have a chance to replace TO and fill other holes as well. After all, the domino effect could allow them to take a FS in the 2nd round to compete with the eternally fragile Zack Bronson.
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