Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Ranting

Hello Rant Fans,

I haven't had a ton of time lately and it's killing me to be away from you for so long.  This PhD thing is an ass kicker and I haven't had time to devote to coming up with the kind of thoughtful analysis of the day's important issues that we all expect from Sir Rantalot.  Then I realized my original idea of ranting without any supporting evidence or citations (or grammar, or spell checking) and I felt liberated.  So, here's a few things I've been wanting to say.

-Remember this post about Mike Vick coming back to the NFL?  If not you can read it now.  The point is I had this to say to the guy who was all mad that Vick was suspended coming off his incarceration while Ben Roethlisberger wasn't suspended after his first rape allegation.  Here's what SR had to say to that:

"Vick has shown a pattern and Ben has not. If Ben gets in trouble again they will look back to his current situation and say "There's a pattern." Ben had better watch his step in the future."

Hey look!  Sir Rantalot was right again.  Ben has shown a pattern and a six game suspension (recently reduced to four games) despite there being no conviction. He was punished for being a jackass. Race has nothing to do with it, commissioner Goodell does not play.

-Speaking of Mike Vick, can we get off the QB controversy in Philly?  In the last two years both Vick and Kevin Kolb have each had two good games.  Is that enough to toss Kolb aside and anoint Vick?  Does anyone remember that Vick has only once had a passer rating over 80?  He's exciting, but is he a good QB over the long haul?  Still, as I said last year, I'd love to see him in SF.

-People were all on the Jets' offense after their week one loss to Baltimore.  Didn't anyone notice how terrible the Jets defense was in that game?  They kept coming with the all out blitz and getting burned deep.  Don't blame Sanchez, blame Rex Ryan.  His D was terrible.

-Dear misogynists, stop dwelling on what Inez Sainz was wearing.  But really, enough of whether female reporter should be in the locker room or not.  Does anyone need to be in the locker room?  Why not let these guys shower and get dressed and then come out and be interviewed?  And no it's not a double standard that male reporters aren't allowed into female sports locker rooms.  If you need an explanation as to why then you're not paying attention to American society.

-Wow, Darrelle Revis is injured and Brett Favre says he needs "time to gel" with his teammates.  I guess maybe going to training camp IS important.  After all, isn't that when you're supposed to "gel" with your teammates and "get in shape so you don't pull a hammy?"  Maybe the long holdout/retirement waffle isn't in anyone's best interest.

-With that said, who wants to trade for Vincent Jackson?  Anyone?  Bueller?

-I hate Derek Jeter but his "Ouch I got hit with the ball" performance was hilarious.  If you ain't Jeteing you ain't trying.

That's all for today kids.  Dunno what I'm talking about? GGI.


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