Sunday, October 5, 2003

I Can Blame Others

Well, the A's have no one to blame but themselves. If Tejada hadn't booted that grounder, Varitek never reaches third and never gets that obstruction call and the Sux never score. If Byrnes remembers to tag home it never goes to extra innings. If Tejada keeps running and forces a close play at the plate he may get that obstruction call. You never stop until the play is over, never. Yes, the A's can blame no one but themselves.

But I am not an A. One, the interference call against Chavez was bogus, Varitek was on the bag when it was called, so how can it be interference? Two, how can he NOT call interference on Mueller, he moved INTO Tejada on that play. Three, that homeplate Ump had the most inconsistent strike zones I've seen in the past four years! Fine, you don't wanna call it by the book? At least pick one strike zone and stick with it! Since when is below the letters a ball? I don't wanna say it’s a c-o-n-spiracy, but I think MLB wants the Sux in the Series. Long live Questec, I want Macha to have a red flag. By the way, mad props to Macha for not getting tossed. Same goes for Hernandez and Tejada.

Here’s the thing, we’ve seen this before, A’s lead series or have a shot to win and then trhow it away, or lose it in the sun, or forget to slide on it. Let’s review, 2000, Terrence Long loses a fly ball in the sun thanks to MLB starting the game at 5:00pm PST. 2001Mini G forgets to slide, and then Big $ G makes three errors in game 5. 2002, Tejada boots a ball at the dome, Koch gives two up insurance runs in the top of the ninth in game five, A’s lose by two. The A’s have a history of beating themselves, "it’s like Singapore ’59 all over again!"

In my last post I said that part of me wanted the A’s to lose so that baseball could start to fix itself. After reflecting on today’s loss...Fuck that! Those idiots won’t make the necessary changes no matter what. Go get 'em today boys, there may not be a next year.
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